Fall 2018 Event Report

God really blessed our Annual Fall event. Every seat was filled with at least a hundred singles from throughout the tri-state area and even Ohio!
The dinner and dessert was delicious and the fellowship was warm and friendly. How powerful it is to knock the walls down as singles from different denominations join their voices in worship to our living God! My teaching was on Dating in the Spirit. I talked about destroying thinking patterns the enemy can use to sabotage us. We handed out the Flesh Pattern Inventory with the verses for Jesus Christ is My Life on the back so that you can choose which way you want to walk–Channel A or Channel B. Side one in the Flesh leads to defeat, Side two walking in the Spirit leads to life and victory. Here are digital copies of these documents:
As we allow Christ to live His life through us we are ushering His Kingdom in here on earth. I always sum up our events with the three keys or secrets to the Christian life. They are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! He never intended us to live life without Him–moment by moment. It’s called abiding, trusting and resting in Him. The Conquering Life is only experienced through the Conquerer Himself! Please prayerfully take time to fill out the flesh inventory. Then get a notebook and write out each verse from the handout Jesus Christ is My Life. Study the Action Plan daily and meditate on the verses so you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind!
I have recommended excellent resources on the bottom of the Action Plan for going deeper in this study.
Thanks so much!


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