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The OASIS Christian Singles Ministry (CompleteinChrist.com) invites you to join Christian singles on their laptops, PC’s and cellphones for our most popular event of the year!

Valentine’s Day Zoom Meeting
Monday, Feb. 14th
Meeting 7pm-8:30pm, Fellowship 8:30pm-10pm
A Celebration of God’s Love

Let’s wear red for the blood Jesus shed for us on the cross!

Topic: Marrying Later in Life

Cindy and Frank will share a message about the adventures of marrying later in life. Open Forum with Q and A will follow. You are invited to email questions to Cindy@CompleteinChrist.com or ask them that night.

“God has made everything beautiful in His time.” Ecc. 3:11

To be added to our email list please send your contact info to Cindy@CompleteinChrist.com .

There is no need to register. Please invite your friends!

See the blog post for notes and video recording of recent meetings.

For all other questions, comments, or notices please email directly to Cindy, the singles director, at Cindy@CompleteInChrist.com

Save The Dates for These Events:

Location [except for online events]

Lefferts Park Baptist Church
7524-14th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11228

See Directions Page here

Singles can come by themselves or with friends. OASIS is a very
friendly place. If you are tired of the singles scene and looking for something more meaningful and God centered this is the place!

BE VICTORIOUS!  Visit: www.DeeperWalkInternational.org
for a  free online discipleship course (Course 1).

To volunteer at the event or help set up the night before from 7pm to 9pm
Contact:  Cindy@CompleteinChrist.com or call 718 836-0029.

What to help? Check out the Volunteer brunch



Calling all volunteers! You’re welcome to help prepare for this event.
Please visit the Volunteer page.

To help out at the event or the night before contact Cindy Galdal-Ruperto: Cindy@CompleteinChrist.com

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